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Intelligent production


The production line will achieve automatic unloading of sheet material, automatic loading of sheet material onto the cutting machine, automatic slagging and grinding, sorting and scrap handling of cut parts, automatic levelling and beveling of parts, automatic transfer and storage of parts. The production line is designed to link the above workstations and achieve unmanned production, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labour costs and enhances the intelligence of the undercutting workshop.


● Unmanned loading and unloading and dividing, super economical for small to large series production work.
● Modular design for flexible and easy installation.
● Fully automatic operation for loading and unloading and dispensing.
● Increased work safety, reduced production risks and reduced staff workload.

Roll flattening

This series of production lines are used for uncoiling, leveling, sizing and shearing metal coils of different specifications into flat sheets of the required length and width, suitable for processing cold rolled sheets, galvanised sheets, colour coated sheets and stainless steel sheets.


● Rolling platform
● Dynamic cutting
● Cost saving

● Labour savings
● Increased productivity


CNC bending machines

Yosoon has more than ten years of experience in sheet metal automation and robotics applications. We focus on small production runs, with powerful control software systems for offline programming of cutting and bending cells, thus solving a variety of challenges: staff shortages, mass production and machining of large workpieces, drastically reducing workers' working time.


● Number of control axes: Y1-Y2-X-R-V (4+1 axes)

● Patented product: Fully enclosed double-guided 2-axis CNC rear positioning

● Servo and drive: PANASONIC, Japan

● Patented product: Movable and reversible front pallet

● Optical scale: FAGOR, Spain

● Main electrical components: SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS

● Clamp: Domestic Quick Clamp

● Upper tooling: Standard straight tooling

● Lower die: Standard double V, V6V10V12 in any combination

● Disturbance compensation: hydraulic or mechanical

● Hydraulic system: ROSCH REXROTH, Germany

● Oil pump: SUMITOMO, Japan

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