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Automobile manufacturing industry

Automobile manufacturing industry

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Car manufacturer


Driven by the great situation of sustained development of the country's macro economy since 2000, the automobile industry has entered a period of rapid development. The rapid development of the automobile industry has significantly improved China's position in the international automobile market and has begun to become an important part of the world's automobile industry.Automotive industry solutions.jpg

The rapid development of the automotive industry is inseparable from advanced manufacturing technology. Laser welding and laser cutting technologies are widely used in the automotive industry due to their high energy, high precision, and high adaptability. 50% -70% of auto parts in developed countries in Europe and the United States are completed by laser processing. Automotive laser cutting and laser welding technologies are not only the technical guarantee for the development of new automotive products, but also the indispensable technical means for high-quality and low-cost production.

As the leader in domestic laser technology, Youshun Laser has maintained good cooperative relations with many automobile manufacturers for a long time, and provides advanced automotive laser cutting and welding solutions for the automotive industry. Continuous improvement has won the recognition of more and more auto companies.

Youshun Laser's outstanding contribution in the field of automobile manufacturing has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of China's national brand cars.


   Scheme recommendation


Complete set of laser automatic welding equipment for automobile body-in-white cover

Youshun laser automotive body-in-white welding system has high processing accuracy and stable quality. It can automatically recognize a variety of vehicle models, automatically grab the corresponding fixtures and call related programs for processing, and realize the rapid application of body-in-white positioning, laser brazing, welding and handling industrial robot applications Such technologies are integrated into one, the welding speed can reach 4.8 m / min, a 30% increase, the process cost is reduced by 40%, the body rigidity is increased by 30%, which can meet the needs of online production, greatly improving the speed of automobile welding and the quality of welds To make the body welding production line automatic and intelligent, and the technical indicators have reached the forefront of the world. As a major national science and technology project, this equipment has been successfully applied to a variety of high-end models at PSA's global Wuhan plants.




Car airbag panel laser weakening equipment

The automotive airbag panel laser weakening equipment developed by Youshun Laser integrates automatic loading and unloading laser processing in one. It combines robot technology and laser weakening technology with excellent indicators and performance. It accurately controls the remaining thickness and produces an airbag. The panel takes less than a minute, replacing traditional injection molding weakening, cold knife weakening and other processing methods.


Technical characteristics:

● Pre-positioning device to ensure processing accuracy

● Accurate weakening process to ensure the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the weakening depth

● Traceability of production data


Automotive airbag liner laser welding equipment




● 焊缝熔深大,可达2~3mm,焊接强度高,热影响区小,焊接变形小

● 自动化程度高,易于控制,速度快

● 焊接精度高,重复操作稳定性好,成品率高

● 非接触性加工,无需焊接辅助工具

● 焊接无需焊条或填充材料,可获得无杂质无污染的焊缝






● 激光焊接工艺先进,能提高焊接质量,其焊接接头强度高,可以达到与母材等强度;

● 激光焊接设备性能稳定、重复性好、可靠性高,焊接接头美观;

● 由于激光焊接的平整,被焊工件在生产过程中不会损伤其它部件。












  The trunk is composed of a trunk lid and a rear panel. Because it is formed at a 90-degree angle, it is welded by laser brazing. Traditional trunk welding is performed by MlG brazing. Since the trunk material is usually galvanized sheet, the low heat input of MlG brazing is used to solve the problem caused by a large amount of galvanized layer burnout. However, the high-speed welding and The instability of the arc under low current limits its efficiency and quality. Laser welding is mainly used for welding with complex welding or sharp changes in the tangent direction of the weld, and the welded surface is smooth. In addition, MlG brazing is difficult to form a smooth weld and has a large pollution. Using laser brazing has a high welding speed, good weld formation, stable quality, less galvanized coating loss, and small deformation.


Automatic gear cutting device for automobile gearshift sleeve

  Youshun Laser 's automatic laser cutting equipment for variable gear sleeves can replace traditional processing methods.


Technical characteristics :

● Design of fixed light path

● Two-station disc loading system

● Four-point flexible pre-positioned parts are accurately and reliably clamped

● High cutting surface quality

● High processing accuracy

● Fast processing speed and high efficiency


3D laser cutting equipment

The 3D laser cutting machine launched by Youshun Laser replaces traditional processing methods, reduces mold investment, greatly shortens the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and component suppliers, improves processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy, and reduces production costs.

Because 3D laser cutting has the above advantages, it is widely used in the automotive industry. It can quickly and easily realize the three repair edges and punching of automobile cover parts. It can also replace the trimming and punching molds in some small batch trials. Even in the trimming and punching process of some parts of some production models, it is completely replaced by 3D laser cutting.

In September 2017, Youshun Laser launched AUTOBOT3015 three-dimensional laser cutting machine for automotive thermoformed parts, a three-dimensional five-axis laser processing device specially developed for the automotive thermoforming line industry, which can solve the problems of cutting and trimming of high-strength steel thermoformed parts. , High precision, fast speed, good dynamic performance, equipped with high-performance rotary table, can meet the requirements of the automotive industry.




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