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YS-P/G Series Practical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Tubes

Professional pipe cutting software is one of the core technologies of CNC pipe cutting machine to realize "full time cutting and high efficiency cutting", which is the fundamental guarantee to effectively save material and improve cutting efficiency. The unique floating escrow device, while the pipe is feeding and rotating, the escrow device always keeps contact with the pipe surface, the support force is set according to the pipe specification, ensuring effective support, preventing the pipe from sagging, reducing the axis swing when the pipe is rotating, and improving the processing accuracy. Automatic bundle loading function can reduce the number of operators and improve the processing efficiency. Automatic identification system of pipe section, can mix and load many kinds of pipes, automatically prompt the type of pipe, automatically retrieve the process library, and prompt the optional processing program. ♦SMC high precision servo proportional valve, precisely control the air pressure of cutting auxiliary gas and the size of chuck clamping force to achieve the best cutting effect. ♦The pipe linear positioning speed reaches 100m/min and the rotary positioning speed can reach 120m/min.
Laser cutting machines:
Tube laser cutting machine



Pneumatic chuck-supported design 

Front and rear double pneumatic clamping design, easy and labor-saving installation, no consumption and wear. Guarantee the smoothness of feeding and the accuracy of cutting; automatic adjusting center for all kinds of pipes, automatic pressure adjustment according to different pipe diameter and thickness. High cutting stability and precision; high chuck rotation speed and 300% processing efficiency (compared to electric chucks).



• Square tube welded bed 

The internal structure adopts aircraft metal honeycomb type structure. Welded by multiple sections of square tube, the tube is set up with internal reinforcement to increase the bed strength and tensile strength, increase the tensile strength and stability of the guide surface; high temperature annealing treatment to eliminate the stress caused by the welding machine processing. Reduce the loss of laser cutting machine in use, 30 years of use without deformation.






• Cutting many types of pipes 


Powerful performance, no tube not cut, used to cut square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist-shaped tube, D-shaped tube, hexagonal tube; square tube Φ20*20-Φ155*155mm, round tube Φ20-Φ220mm and other shapes of shaped tubes.




• Standard handheld operator box 


There are a variety of specific operating functions button, can be convenient and quick to run the machine production for fast and convenient operation and debugging, to help more efficient small tube cutting.





• Short tail material cutting 


The rear chuck can be matched with the reach-in main chuck, effectively shortening the distance between the rear chuck and the cutting head, thus reducing the tail material length by 2.5 times, helping users to greatly improve material utilization and greatly reduce production costs.



• Customized Services 


Customize exclusive body color, configuration, appearance, etc. according to different needs of customers. Mass production and fast delivery.



• Material Applications


Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver and other metal pipe cutting.


• Processing method


Pipe cutting.

• Model Features


• Full-time cutting • Segmented support • Floating escrow unit
• High processing accuracy • Automatic identification of pipe sections • Efficient operation


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Model YS-P6022G
Laser source power (optional) 1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/6000/12000W
Pipe clamping range (circum-circle diameter) Φ10-220mm
X/Y axis location accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X/Y axis repeat location accuracy ±0.03mm
Max location speed 60PRM
Max acceleration 120rad/s2
Dimension (L*W*H) /mm 6500*2050*2385



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