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Traditional cutting equipment and processes

The conventional sheet metal processing process is: shear - punch - bend - weld process or flame plasma cutting - bend - weld process. It has obvious shortcomings in the face of multi-species, small-lot, customised, high-quality and short delivery orders:

● (CNC) shearing machines which, due to their predominantly linear cutting, can only be used for sheet metal processing where only linear cutting is required.

● (CNC/brick tower) punching machines have limitations for cutting sheet metal thicker than 1.5 mm and have poor surface quality, are costly and noisy, and are not conducive to environmental protection.

● Flame cutting as the initial traditional cutting method, which is only suitable for rough machining due to large thermal deformation and wide cutting slits during cutting, wasted material and slow processing speed.

● High-pressure water cutting is slow in processing, causing serious pollution and high consumption costs.


New cutting equipment and processes - laser cutting

Laser cutting is a revolution in sheet metal processing and is the "machining centre" of sheet metal processing. The laser cutting process has the advantage of being flexible and highly flexible. The demand for laser cutting is increasing in response to the problems that exist in traditional sheet metal cutting at this stage.

 The advantages of the new sheet metal cutting process are.

● High degree of flexibility in laser cutting, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product production cycle, both simple and complex parts can be cut by laser in one quick form.

● Narrow cutting seam, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labour intensity and no pollution.

● automatic cutting pattern and nesting can be achieved, which improves material utilisation, no tool wear and good material adaptability.

● Low production costs and good economic efficiency.

Most of the sheet metal processing for large and medium-sized enterprises to do supporting, the user products vary, high requirements, to urgent goods, so it is recommended to use high power, large format laser cutting machine. The high power enhances the cutting capacity and at the same time the cutting efficiency; the large width makes the material utilization rate high and at the same time can meet the cutting needs of different widths.

Cutting sample display

Yosoon Laser SuperCut bright surface cutting technology can be grafted onto conventional 3-6m format models or matched to Youshun Laser large format 3-24m large format WALC series

Considering the wide range of products in the sheet metal processing industry and the varying needs of customers, it is recommended to choose a laser with a power of 3000 watts or more, which can solve the cutting of carbon steel up to 20mm and stainless steel up to 10mm.

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